奧圖爾提九招防疫 Erin O’Toole Calls on Government to Do More to Protect Canadians from Coronavirus

銳意角逐保守黨黨魁的奧圖爾議員 (Erin O’Toole,本報前稱傲濤,現官方譯名為奧圖爾)提出九招防疫。原文有漢英雙語,惟本報為方便港人閱讀,漢譯如下:

打敗杜魯多殊不容易,保守黨經不起由一個披著保守黨外衣的自由派麥肯來做黨魁。如康尼(Jason Kenney) 所說;只有奧圖爾(Erin O’Toole) 這類真保守黨派擔任黨魁才有機會擊敗自由黨!

Erin O’Toole Calls on Government to Do More to Protect Canadians from Coronavirus
A statement from Conservative MP and leadership candidate Erin O’Toole:
“As I’ve been travelling across the country over the last few weeks, I have heard repeatedly – particularly from Canadians with close ties to China – about the growing threat of coronavirus.
I have become increasingly concerned that the Trudeau government is not doing enough to protect Canadians. The threat we face is twofold: a public health emergency and a major hit to our economy. This is about more than the stock market reacting. We will soon see the economic impact of more Canadians staying home and a reduction in trade as the global supply chain grinds to a halt.
The world is losing the battle of containing the virus. The reality is we do not know how many countries COVID-19 has reached, nor how many people have become infected worldwide. The tests for the virus simply are not available everywhere, especially not in the developing world where healthcare resources are already so stretched.
And right here in Canada, most of our hospitals are already at capacity. The seasonal flu alone pushes our healthcare system to its limits each year with an average of about 12,000 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths nationwide. While scientists are still learning more about COVID-19, it appears to have a higher rate of hospitalizations, Intensive Care Unit admissions, and deaths than the seasonal flu.
Despite this very serious threat, Trudeau has dithered. Other countries have been taking action, including banning flights from areas with high rates of infection or requiring more in-depth screening at airports. Canadians who have recently returned here from abroad have told me that screening in Canadian airports remains cursory.
The failure of the government to do more is causing real damage right now, particularly to the Chinese Canadian community. I have heard from many leaders in this community who want to see tougher action. They have been following the situation in China closely and understand the damage, both to human health and the economy, that the virus has caused. They have also seen the economic damage already taking place here as people avoid Chinese Canadian businesses due to fear that the government is not protecting them from the virus reaching Canadians.
Other Western countries are bracing for a pandemic and making appropriate preparations. Canada must do the same.
I believe that the Government of Canada should take the following actions immediately to keep Canadians safe:

1. Requiring airlines departing from a country where there are active COVID-19 cases to screen every passenger for fever, cough, and shortness of breath before departure for Canada.
2. Equipping every Canadian international airport with thermal sensors and screening every individual arriving from abroad for fever, cough, and shortness of breath.
3. Implementing more intense screening of those entering the country to determine if a person has been to China, Iran, or another area with significant numbers of infected people and mandating a 14-day self-isolation period.
4. Offering government support, through a temporary change to EI benefits, to those who are required to quarantine themselves. Proof of travel or a doctor’s note will be required.
5. Increasing penalties for providing false information on a border health declaration.
6. Restricting all flights from China and Iran, and advising Canadians to avoid all unnecessary travel to China and Iran. Additional countries would be added to this list as more information becomes available.
7. Repatriating any Canadian citizen stranded abroad that requires immediate assistance as a result of the outbreak, providing consular assistance to those who have been exposed to COVID-19 and who are not yet able to return to Canada.
8. Striking an all-party committee and providing daily briefings by senior health officials so that Canadians are kept updated on the status of the outbreak and the measures the government is taking to keep them safe.
9. Coordinating closely with the United States’ Coronavirus Task Force to share information with our closest ally and neighbour, to remain aligned and maintain the flow of goods and people across our shared border.
This is a time for the government to show leadership to keep Canadians safe and to keep our country strong.”
Melanie Paradis

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