投名狀與香港政治光譜 Loyalty and Hong Kong’s political spectrum

作者/Author: Takki Ma
翻譯/Translate: Apeiron
製圖/Art: Apeiron

所謂講理念、講品味、分黃藍以致「投名狀」…好多時係一個loyalty screening。有忠誠道德要求嘅人,通常都有個圈子要守護,對曖昧投誠者特別抗拒,因為潛伏滲透者比起明顯敵人威脅更大。

In most cases, political ideal, taste, colour, are the evidences for loyalty screening. For those demanding in moral and loyalty, they defend their cycle, and refuse the followers with unclear stance, since the spy threats more than the obvious enemies.

本土派先天有效忠圈子(香港利益,或者再收窄至某地區),而左翼、港漂通常都無呢個道德認同,覺得世界大同世界公民etc etc,所以本土派經常覺得左翼係賣港賊(沒有表忠甚至反對效忠機制),而左翼又覺得本土派「不理性地排外」,咁當然,另有居心嘅滲透者,必定會站在左翼一方,要求快點拆除路障打開城門。

Localist (Homeland defenders in HK context) loyal to a cycle since their political ideal, like loyal to Hong Kong’s interest or even some parts of Hong Kong. The leftist and the mainlander in HK did not have this moral demand, and believes world as one and regard themselves as global citizens etc etc. In case localists think leftists are betrayers (without loyalty or even oppose to loyalty system), at the same time the leftists think localists are unreasonably xenophobic. For sure, those spy would stand with the leftists, urge for remove the protection and barriers.


Loyality can be define to a very small circle, for example “you are my friend, don’t do something.” The problem is some rules of loyalty are ambiguous, public mixed with private. The counter example is the alliance of Hong Kong City-State and Civic Passion (Hot dog). These two parties always mix their taste with the loyalty to Homeland, like the Chinese translated name of animations, or some daily lives (those who using pinyin input are betrayers). They ignored that using Mandarin input may means highly support the resistance in Hong Kong with high risk. They focus on tiny things for loyalty showing, and ignore the Highest Common Factor in homeland loyalty.

當你標準高到排拒多數人,多數人亦自然排拒你,亦都係呢班人失去支持無法做大嘅原因。點解熱狗城撚會經常劃新嘅忠誠道德規條呢?源於佢地comfort zone來自走得比人前(最先講xx,最先提倡yy)要恆常確保自己走得前嘅方法,莫過於不斷推出新道德指標要其他人跟。

When your standard is so high that exclude most people, most people exclude you. That’s why these people lost support and cannot be big. Why they always invents new loyalty rules? It is because their comfort zone comes from prophetic actions (like they are the first one to talk XX and the first guy to start the YY campaign). To ensure themselves always more prophetic then others, inventing new moral rules is a way to go.

問題係一旦多人跟隨,就不夠領先,又要劃新規條出黎界返細個圈維持comfort zone,所以睇住佢地成日話香港人唔聽佢地講乜乜叉叉然後仇視香港人,係幾有趣嘅

Their problem is when their followers number enlarge, they are not prophetic enough, then make new rules to stay comfort zone. It is fun to see their complain, always say that Hong Kongers are not listen to them and hate the Hong Kongers.


The impact about they action in making unreasonable rules is too deep to Hong Kongers. It makes most yellows, Pan-Democratic call the others “hot dog” when they face the loyalty rules when they don’t understand, and those being called “hot dog” laugh:” Ah? I am Hot Dog? Social movement Activist CV.jpg”

資源稀缺,親疏有別,本土優先於情於理都成立,所以loyalty screening係有存在必要,問題只係你劃個網有幾大:網眼大到鯊魚都游得入,還是細到PPE 99%?劃得大,界得細,最終為乜?為領先而領先,熱狗今日下場就是。為團結而團結,泛民經常都做,搞到議題失焦被大量滲透,專出叛徒。

Scarcity appears in the world, and there are relatives and non-relatives. It is sound and valid that serves the local one first. Loyalty screening is necessary. The problem is how dense is your net: Big net hole that allows sharks or small to PPE 99%? What is the purpose to set the net? For the sake of prophetic, and being hate by everybody like the “Hot Dogs”? Or for the sake of big, allow every spies and ruins every campaign and the main producers of betrayers, like the “Pan-Democratic?”

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