[BILINGUAL] 吳傲雪:出街擔驚受怕 Sonia Ng: Scared to be out in HK


Sonia Ng, the CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong) student who challenge the coward of their Principal, and the brave lady who took off the mask and openly voice out Hong Kong police sexual harassment on her and the other protesters, is a Hong Kong Canadian. We would like to thank her for taking the intermittent occasions to answer the questions we posed, despite the half-day time zone difference between Canada and Hong Kong.

記:「據各大傳媒報道 ,831太子站有10人被捕,7人送院。於區選之後,有6個傷者後來被證實生還。 831事件至今,由於事後地鐵神秘封站72小時,不少人認為當晚有打死人。亦有另一派說法認為未有證據下說打死人,會造成破窗效應,使香港警察更肆無忌憚。 作為831過來人的你,請問你點睇?」

Reporter: According to the news coverage, there were 10 citizens arrested and 7 transferred to hospitals for the assault of police at Prince Edward MTR Station on August 31. After the District Council Elections, 6 of the injured were confirmed to be alive. Since the incident and its subsequent 72 hours in total station lockdown, many consider that police haven beaten citizens to death that night. Meanwhile, another party believes that there is insufficient information to prove that there are actually people dead from police beatings, and with the broken glass effect, would only make the HKPF even more unrestrained in their tyranny. As one who has experienced the August 31 incident firsthand, what are your insights?

Sonia:「首先要補充一點資料,我是傳真社報導中的兩位哮喘發作的女傷者之一。我當天被分流為嚴重傷者。我亦曾經在事後毛孟靜記者會以龍小姐的身份匿名講出我在太子站的見證和遭遇。詳細可參考相關影片和報導。 就著傳真社的報導,我認為報導仍未能澄清上一層1號2號月台的情況,例如有無人在這些月台被捕、有無人從路軌步行離開。另外,我亦不認為警方單方面提供的數字是誠實可靠。 如要釋除市民疑慮,市民所要求港鐵公布閉路電視片段很重要,調查記者鍥而不捨的追求也很重要。作為目擊者,我目睹最少三名的港鐵職員在3-4號月台上,港鐵是有責任讓這些職員交代當時的情況。我亦認為,不論有否打死人,有必要追究警方在車站內的暴力和不合理行為以及港鐵的過失。」

Sonia: First, I need to add a bit of information. I am one of the two women suffering from an asthma attack in the Factwire report. I was one of the seriously injured in triage, and testified in Claudia Mo’s press conference under the alias Ms. Long. You can find the relevant videos and reports from those sources. As for the Factwire report, I believe that it covered insufficiently about the situation on Platforms 1 and 2 on the level above, whether people arrested there, or whether anyone left the vicinity via walking on the tracks. Also, I do not believe that the figures provided by the police to be honest or reliable. If one is to really dispel the skepticism of the people, then releasing the MTR station’s CCTV footage would be crucial, as are the unrelenting work of investigative journalists. As a witness, I saw at least three MTR staff on Platform 3 and 4, and MTR Corp is responsible for letting those staff to testify for the happenings there and then. I also believe that regardless of whether there were any deaths caused by the beatings, there is a necessity to pursue the police for the violence and unreasonable behavior, as well as MTR Corp’s oversight.


Reporter: Thank you for your response. Asides from August 31, many overseas readers are concerned about the police abuse these days in Hong Kong. As one who has experienced it firsthand, do you believe that anyone participating in any form of protest would be tortured or even harmed upon returning to Hong Kong, regardless of his or her political stance, affiliation, or age? Do you have any words for comrades-in-arms how in refuge overseas?


Sonia: I cannot exclude any potential risks to returning to Hong Kong, hence I wish to encourage those now outside: you are not alone, and we will not forget you. We hope you can keep paying attention to the movement, and hope you can organize yourselves to lobby to other Hongkonger diaspora, sympathetic overseas Chinese, locals, and the international community. We hope all will be well with you.


Reporter: If there’s a chance, will you use your identity as a Canadian to testify at the Canadian Parliament, and help the frontlines? From what I know, many Hongkonger Canadians are participating in this resistance, but seldom are there people as brave and renowned as you.


Sonia: I certainly hope for such a chance, but I believe I will need more preparations in many other aspects, such as language barriers. My spoken English isn’t that great, and may need an interpreter.


Reporter: If you had a chance to speak to a Canadian MP about the situation in Hong Kong to seek their support, what would you like to say?


Sonia: First, I’d like to thank Canadians for their continued attention on the issue, such as establishing the overseas Lennon Walls. If there’s such a chance, I’d like to share my experiences as a sexual assault victim to outline the graveness of Hong Kong’s police violence. At the same time, I would hope at the same time, other Hongkonger Canadians could share their various experiences, such as white terror, physical harm, abuse of authority etc.. Through sharing these experiences, I wish to let Canada see that the Hong Kong government is a rogue regime that has lost any sense of legitimacy, and call on the Canadian government to turn its attention into action, to sanction Hong Kong officials, and to support Hongkongers’ fight to defend their own human rights and political demands.


Reporter: As you said, there was a petition to the White House that described the Hong Kong government as a terrorist regime, but overseas Hongkongers may not have that kind of personal experience and may not resonate with such an accusation. After hearing about your recent announcement for marriage, which ran with the headlines “Gone through hell and back, I feel my days are numbered, and must spend the rest of my days with my loved one,” we can see that Hong Kong police violence has already put everyone’s lives on edge. If I may ask — how has your daily life changed because of this? For example, do you always have to pocket $6200 in case of the unexpected, or certain areas you won’t easily go into?

Sonia:「曾經有段時間好怕出街避喺宿舍,只在大學內活動,依家稍為好啲冇咁避世,可以出街。但而家出街都擔驚受怕,驚隨時俾人撞、俾人打、子彈擊中。冇話特登去避開邊個地方,但而家好驚搭港鐵。 」

Sonia: There was a time when I was extremely fearful of going out and hid in the dorm all day long, or to limit my activities on campus. Now my situation is slightly better and can go out into the city. But now every time I do go out I am fearful, afraid that I might be pushed, beaten, or shot at. There’s no place I can say that I’ll deliberately avoid, but now I’m deathly scared, riding the MTR.


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