Asian Ethnicities unite against China at Toronto International Human Rights Day

This article is translated from 國際人權日遊行概況 at TOHKNews, with minor corrections for errata and the updated title.

December 10 is International Human Rights Day, and various activities commemorate the occasion across the city. Several communities and organizations congregated on the Sunday, December 8 for an “International Rights Day in Toronto” rally and march. Participants present include Hongkongers, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Uighurs (East Turkestani), Tibetans among other supporters from mainstream society. According to police statistics, about 300 attendees rallied and marched in the event.

The march first rallied at Old City Hall, where the organizations showed slogan banners and called on passersby to write Christmas cards to their Members of Parliament. The rally began with a moment of silence for lives sacrificed and lost in the struggle for human rights, followed by speeches from representatives in each association. The march began after singing O Canada, chanting slogans along Bay St., Dundas Ave., Yonge St., and finally returning to Old City Hall along Queen St..

And on the actual date of the IHRD on December 10, a candlelight vigil was held by demonstrators from the Venezuelan community at Dundas Square, where they had a hot chocolate sale and general petition for removing the membership of former Venezuelan president Maduro from the UN Human Rights Council, in protest of his order to violently suppress demonstrations along with the army.

Francisco Ortiz, the organizer, indicates that he is confident to get over 100,000 signatures for the next course of actions in the struggle for Venezuelans’ rights.

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