Declaration of 255 members of the HK Immigration Department

Dear Hongkongers,

We, being members of the Immigration Department, have always taken the serving and safeguarding of Hong Kong as our highest priorities. We shall continue to uphold the law firmly. Protecting the well-being and welfare of all Hongkongers is always our lifelong goal.

Over months of civil unrest, the Hong Kong Police Force has been repeatedly demonstrating its blatant disregard of law and order to the world. Images and videos in which police officers unlawfully and indiscriminately beat civilians and abuse their basic human rights both before and after them being arrested can easily be found in all media. The press also have numerous recordings of police officers hurling dehumanising insults such as ‘thugs’ and ‘cockroaches’ at civilians, and even ‘whores’ at young women. More often than not, these unarmed civilians are not even in the act of antagonising the police when they are apprehended.

The abuse of power by the police, as well as their continual use of excessive force, is another main concern of ours. The situation has been worsening on a daily basis. Since June 2019, police officers have been reluctant to properly display their own identification numbers on their uniforms and refusing to show their warrant cards when requested by the press or citizens, despite it being a legal requirement. On top of these, they wear full face masks while on duty. Additionally, they tend to either evade questions or redirect the questions to the PPRB. At the daily police press conference, the senior police management has been lying and twisting facts shamelessly so that both the management and frontline officers appear infallible. On three previous occasions, members of the press resorted to attending the press conferences in full protective gear to protest against the brutal treatment they received from the police.

Bearing witness to the daily acts of bending the law by the police for their ulterior motives, we feel the sense of powerlessness, which we believe is much stronger than that of ordinary citizens since the police officers are supposed to be our brothers in arms.

The arrogance and aggressiveness police officers show towards Hongkongers while perpetrating innumerable appalling atrocities, which are borderline war crimes, are simply despicable and unbearable. It is completely impossible to witness the heinous behaviour of the police without feeling tormented and distressed.

Comradeship and professional courtesy simply do not exist in the police force as police officers have severely hindered or even refused to let the Fire and Ambulance Services go into operation areas to administer humanitarian first aid and emergency medical treatments to the injured civilians.

Being civil servants, especially for the law enforcement agencies, we should always maintain impartiality. The growing rift caused by the Hong Kong government in our society can only be solved by the Hong Kong government itself. We strongly urge both the government and the police to be realistic and humble. The government should right the wrongs within itself before repairing whatever damage which has been inflicted. Thorough investigation by an independent enquiry board and subsequent reform is imperative.

During the current social unrest, as public servants of our home, we must step forward and stand firm to consistently and vigorously uphold the rule of law and the proper administration of justice. We should never ever turn our back on all injustices and abusiveness no matter what their source is. After all, a man’s true qualities and integrity are what carry them through in times of chaos and turmoil. Please remember, whether we are in uniform or not, we are and will always be Hongkongers.

‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ Martin Luther King Jr.

We stand as one.Five demands, not one less

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