Telus及BCE飛起華為 Telus and BCE say bye to Huawai

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據《環球郵報》報道,兩間本地電訊商擬飛起華為,轉與歐洲夥伴合作5G鋪網。原本打算與華為合作5G鋪網的Telus及BCE Inc.’s Bell Canada,現擬轉用愛立信5G,Telus在愛立信之外也會與諾基亞合作。

According to Global and Mail, two of Canada’s biggest wireless carriers announced they’re turning to European suppliers to build their 5G wireless networks in a move that appears to marginalize the role for China’s Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

BCE Inc.’s Bell Canada announced Tuesday it has struck a deal to purchase gear from Swedish supplier Ericsson for its fifth-generation wireless network and said it won’t be using Huawei equipment unless Ottawa permits it. Telus Corp., which had previously said it planned to use Huawei gear in its 5G network, announced it has chosen Ericsson and Finland-based Nokia Corp. as its equipment partners.

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