A brief history of HK TV Channels, no Phoenix TV at all

Many Chinese companies are listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, or just registered in Hong Kong. They owned by Chinese, hire Chinese hence gran them HK visa, and disguised as Hong Kong company overseas. Phoenix TV is registered in Hong Kong, and their target audience are mainland Chinese. Let me talk about the history of Hong Kong TV and show you which ones are Real.

Before 2010, the main TV in HK are 3 companies: TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited) , ATV ( Asia Television Limited) and Cable TV. TVB and ATV are free to watch, and Cable TV need monthly fee. TVB and ATV are the main TVs in HK, and after 2000, TVB became one single TV that grasped most HK audiences.

Since 2000, ATV is weaken and TVB is mainly work for the Chinese market, this make the HK people except elderly started lack of interest in TV. This situation changed since HKTV released their series in 2013. Most Hong Konger clicked in their website to watch their series and wished HKTV replace TVB.

However, HK government leader CY Leung didn’t give licence to HKTV because of political reason. HKTV can only released several series they produced though their website, then changed to a grocery named “HKTV mall”.

The Fantastic Television (owned by Cable TV) and Viu TV (owned by PCCW, a network service provider in HK) , which allowed to have licence by CY Leung, started broadcast in 2016. They worked for the HK audiences, and Viu TV is more popular.

Ownership information:
TVB: (00511) in HKEX, deputy Chairman Li Ruigang (黎瑞剛) is CCP member. TVB owned 20% Fairchild TV in Canada.
ATV: pre owned by Chinese businessman Wang Ching (2010-2016) and Liquidated, bought by a Chinese company named “CO-PROSPERITY HOLDINGS LIMITED” (00707) and changed the name to ATV in 2017
HKTV: (01137) in HKEX, owned by HK business Ricky Wong
CABLE TV & Fantastic TV: (01097) in HKEX, owned by HK businessmen David Chiu Tat Cheong(邱達昌)and Cheng Kar Shun(鄭家純). David Chiu Tat Cheong’s father Chiu Te Ken, Deacon, JP owned ATV from 1982-1989, known as father of ATV. Cheng Kai Chun is the owner of New World Development Company Limited (00017)

Online TVs became popular after 2014. Below are some famous online TV channels in Hong Kong:
Myradio: (2007-) owned by Wong Yuk Man, father of HK localism, chairman of Proletariat Political Institute
Channel-i: (2015-) owned by Hong Kong Indigenous
Passion times: (2012-) owned by Wong Yeung Tat, Ex Chairman of Civic Passion
Chapman To’s Late Show : (2018-) owned by Chapman To, a HK pop star
SOCrec : (2010-) front line protest recording media
Resistance Live Media : (2014-) front line protest recording media
BarryMa TV : (2017-) owned by Barry Ma
Made In Hong Kong TV: (2015-) owned by Andrew Wing-Kuen AU-YEUNG
Hong Kong People Reporter : (2005-2013), owned by Stephen Shiu Yeuk-yuen (Burn Hill), chairman of People’s Power
memehk.com : (2013-), owned by Burn Hill.
Citizen’s Radio:(2005-) , owned by Bull Tsang Kin-shing, Pan-Democratic politician

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