Difference between HKers and Canadian in Pandemic

In response to the pandemic, we found the policies of Canada quite similar to their counterparts in Hong Kong, however the reaction of the citizens among two countries are different.

  1. Too late to close the border
    Hong Kong citizens have been panicking about the virus from China, and protested to urge the government to close the border at the beginning.
    The Canadian government doesn’t consider the virus in another side of the Earth threatening to Canada, and only realised its risk to Canada only after PM Justin Trudeau’s wife being infected. Canada closed the border afterwards.
  2. Not enough Personal Protective Equipment for medical staffs
    Hong Kong government reserved the Personal Protective Equipment supplies for the Police, yielding medical staffs having insufficient supply. The government didn’t close the border and continued to welcome patients from China, and put all the burden to the medical staff at the frontier for infection control. As a result, the medical staff needed to source the equipment by themselves to be used at work, and protested to force the government to close the border, in order to protect Hong Kong citizens.
    Canada did not have enough masks because the Chinese hoarded all of them, either for their own use, speculation or selling back to China. Many medical staff did not have enough masks to use, however, they never protested to ask for equipment to either protect themselves or meet safety standards.
  3. Government is pro-China
    Hong Kong government is controlled by China, and the violence of Hong Kong Police Force led to the death of many Hong Kong citizens. It is easy to find dead body parts in buildings and floating dead bodies at seashore. Chinese hijacked the politics of Hong Kong, hijacked the companies in Hong Kong, speculated the property of Hong Kong, and scammed the social benefits of Hong Kong. https://casinoin.gr. Now they leveraged the HK Police Force to beat HKers since they hijacked the HK government.
    The Liberal government of Canada is pro-China. There are many Chinese MPs in the Liberal Party. At the early stage of Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, PM Justin Trudeau went to Markham to have dinner with Pro-CCP Communities in a Chinese restaurant. He conveyed the message: “Don’t discriminate the Chinese.” The Liberal government provides many welfare, and many Chinese benefited from them. Chinese speculated the property of Canada and made it skyrocketed. It is similar to the situation of Hong Kong during 2010s.
  4. Government give money to citizens
    Hong Kong government planned to have a cash handout (10000 HKD in lump-sum, about 1798.53 CAD) to citizens since the dissatisfaction of them arisen with the Extradition Law Amendment Bill and the retrograde measures taken towards the Wuhan Virus outbreak. In the revenue-returning policy, the government viciously bound it with the increase of funding for Hong Kong Police Force. Many Hong Kongers offer to sacrifice the cash handout from government in exchange for withdrawing the increase of subsidies for the Police.
    Canadian government provides similar subsidies to Canadians since many of them cannot go to work due to the social isolation. In order for this huge amount money handout be issued, the implementation of Emergency Act is required. However, the implementation of Emergency Act will render the government with enormous power to that is too difficult to be retracted. On the other hand, the large amount of Employment Insurance (E.I.) implies the withdrawal of the funding for the other government services. It is just the matter of placing money from right pocket to left pocket. Many people will simply be satisfied with this hush money , and stop complaining about the incompetence of the government.

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