Yorkdale mall gun shot 商場發生鎗擊案

今日(3月6日)傍晚5時,位於約克的Yorkdale mall發生鎗擊案。本傳媒成員碰巧在商場內,十幾分鐘後保安報警,約五時半疑犯已被拘捕,本傳媒成員無受傷。據CBC報道,同日幾個商場之藥房連環被劫,相信是同班人所為。 四時前West Mall Bloor Plaza之藥房被四名戴面具之持械年輕人洗劫,一名70多歲老嫗受傷;及後 Rexdale Commercial Centre 之藥房同被蒙面持械年輕人洗劫;第三站為401公路旁Islington Avenue之藥房,遭四名年青男子洗劫;第四站則為Yorkdale Mall,同為四名十多歲少年。

5pm of 6th March 2020. According to our member who is in Yorkdale mall, a gun shot case just happened there, and the security is already called for police. The suspect was arrested at about 5:30pm. Our member did not get hurt.

According to CBC, 4 pharmacies had been robbed from 3-5 pm today. The first nee happened before 3pm, a pharmacy in West Mall Bloor Plaza was robbed by 4 males, believed to be teenagers armed with handguns. After that a pharmacy in Rexdale Commercial Centre was robbed by a group of teenage males all wearing masks and hoods and brandishing weapons. A third pharmacy on Islington Avenue just north of Highway 401 was also held up by four young males. All of them were also wearing ski masks and armed with guns. Just before 5 p.m., police said another robbery was underway at the Yorkdale Mall. Four teens, all wearing masks with hoods up, are involved, police said.

Google suggested route to 4 phermacies according to the robberies happened time.
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