Anti China protest in Toronto, Aug 1st

An anti-Chinese Communist Party protest led by a Indian community was held in Toronto yesterday, August 1st. The rally joined by people from different countries, including Indian, Vietnamese, Hong Kongers, Taiwanese and Tibetan. The protest is organized by Canadian Hindu Advocacy. The organizations who joined include NHKCC (New Hong Kong Cultural Club), New Hong Kong Club (Toronto), Viet Tan Toronto, Bangladesh Minority Rights Alliance, Canada Hong Kong Link, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of Toronto.

The Indian organizer Ron Banerjee. (photo credit: Apeiron Cheung TOHK) 
The protest is led by Indian Communities. (Photo credit to Ricker Choi)

The leader of Indian group “Canadian Hindu Advocacy” Ron Banerjee stated how CCP harm the world, and highlight that fighting against CCP is saving the world, saving the planet. The leader of Viet Tan Toronto call the Canadians to stop buying anything made in China. China is a factory state, slaving Chinese in order to produce products in a cheap price. Buying any China product implies support the cruel action.

Vietnamese raise their voice against China. (Photo credit to Ricker Choi)

The group leaders gave the speech in the Yonge at College Street, and started their rally towards south and ended in Dundas Square. They raise Canada flag and their home country’s flag, including the flag of British Hong Kong.

Protesters voice out their campaign of boycotting China’s product. (Photo credit to Ricker Choi)

Many Hong Kongers joined the event, and some newspaper reported that the rally was led by Hong Kongers. Actually it is a Indian led protest, and the protesters keep shouting “Modi”, the name of India’s president.

Full video recorded by Torontonian Stand with Hong Kong

Indian community leader gave the speech: (recorded By TOHK)

Việt Tân’s leader gave the speech: (recorded By TOHK)

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