BREAKING NEWS: New development on BNO re Right of Abode for CUKCs

Source: Hong Kong Watch Facebook
Photo Credits: Hong Kong Watch

According to Hong Kong Watch’s Facebook post, there has been movement on the situation of BNO passport holders who were Citizens of the UK and Colonies (CUKCs), and that they may be able to regain their full rights as CUKCs.

Steve Double MP delivered the House of Common petition on behalf of Hong Kong Watch’s BNO community, communicating with the Home office constantly and fighting for the extension of rights of BNO. It’s also the success of many Members of Parliament who have been standing with HongKongers in their fight for rights.

To get to know more details about CUKCs, you may join BNO Community and see the link on CUKCs from the Home Office:

To support Hong Kong Watch to continue to fight for the extension of rights of BNO and those who are not CUKCs, you may fund them through their fundraising campaign:

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