Google「禁語」看齊大陸 Google “forbidden words” aligning to China’s great fire wall

經常研究各類軟件的逆向工程師和科技博客黃文津(Jane Manchun Wong)表示,日前Google新上載到Gboard 的 Emergency Bad Words ,包括準確描述武漢肺炎發源地,美國總統唐老侵發明的用字Chinese Virus。

According to Jane Manchun Wong, who is reverse engineer of different software and famous blogger, Google updated the Emergency Bad Words of Gboard. The new words uploaded include the word “Chinese Virus”, which is invented by US president Donald Trump, and describe the source of Wuhan Virus precisely.

Gboard乃Google專為手機而設的輸入工具,而Emergency Bad Words則是類似「敏感詞」的資料庫,收錄了大量不雅或不當的字詞。雖然Emergency Bad Words不會影響用戶輸入,但裡面的字詞則不會在系統自動建議功能出現。

Gboard is a Google input tool specially for smartphone, Emergency Bad Words is a library collected many inappropriate words. Although it would not affects the input of the users, listed words would not appear in the system recommend words.

黃文津發現Gboard新增武漢肺炎相關詞,包括China disease、China virus、Chinese disease、Chinese virus、asia disease、asia virus和 virus,她表示上述字詞被加入到美式英語的 Emergency Bad Words,意味著美國用戶在使用 Gboard時會受到某種限制。

According to Jane Manchun Wong, the new words listed in the Emergency Bad Word includes: “China disease”, “China virus”, “Chinese disease”, Chinese virus”, “asia disease”, “asia virus” and “virus”, which is related to Wuhan Coronavirus. It implies US users face limits when using Gboard.

若果長期使用建議字詞,一些原本懂得用的字詞因少用而漸漸忘記。 共產黨一上場就立即要求使用殘體字,並透過教育決定學童用何類詞語,影響學童思想。使學童在思想上沒有反抗共產黨的選項。 當香港主權移交至中国,特區政府立即推行一系列教育改革,並以母語教育減少香港學童練習英語機會。

People who used suggested word for a long time may forget some seldom used words. When CCP started rule China, they launched simplified Chinese, and determined pupils’ wordings, in order to affects their mind and take out the options of resisting CCP. Just after Hong Kong’s sovereignty being handover to China by United Kingdom in 1997, the new Hong Kong government launched education revolutions, and the first campaign is “mother tongue teaching” which lessen the opportunities of Hong Kong pupils to learn English.


In US politics, many military industry companies are pro Republicans, while many I.T. companies and financial companies are pro-Democratic. US is anti-CCP when Donald Trump is the president, and friendship with CCP when Obama was the president.


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