Groups from different race united together: 7.1 rally: 100 years of oppression

7.1. of this year is 100th anniversary of Chinese Communist Party, 21 groups include Tibet, East Turkistan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Han and local Canadians groups in Toronto are organizing protest against the Chinese government’s suppression of human right and genocide around China. Groups urge Canadian government to stand up to Chinese government and boycott Winter Olympic.

Chinese Communist Party massacred and ongoing genocide to Tibetan and Uyghur, massacred Chinese in Tiananmen, caused over 2,000 deaths in Hong Kong in 2019, supressed the international status of Taiwan, caused Vietnam War, subsidized dictatorship government in Myanmar and kidnapped 2 Michaels.

After the young leaders from groups of different races gave speech, the rally started at Grange Park at 13:30, rally along Spadina Avenue and end at Chinese Consulate.

This rally is co-hosted by many groups included:
Torontonians stand with Hong Kong
Federation for a Democratic China Human Right Manifesto
Việt Tân Toronto – Ottawa
Viet Tan ( Vietnam Reform Party)
Soteria Institute (Toronto brunch)
East Turkistan association of Canada
New Hong Kong Cultural Club (Toronto brunch)
Regional Tibet youth Congress of Toronto
Toronto association for democracy in China
Canada Hong Kong Link
Torontonians Hong Kongers action group
Students for a free Tibet Canada
Federation of democracy China
World united Formosans for independence, Canada HQ (WUFI Canada)
Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA) Canada
Burmese Canadian Network
Democratic Party of China – Canadian Committee
McMaster Stands with Hong Kong
RU Stand with Hong Kong
Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada

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Groups from different race united together: 7.1 rally: 100 years of oppression

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