Police siege Chinese University of Hong Kong

This post is translated from the original Chinese article 警隊攻打中文大學, which may continue to develop and update throughout the day of November 11, 2019.

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Netizens compare police besieging Chinese University of Hong Kong on November 11, 2019 to the police mass-murder at Yonsei University in Gwangju, South Korea on June 9, 1987. (Facebook)

UPDATE November 12, 2019: Police are again attempting to storm CUHK, among other institutions across Hong Kong. The university has declared a second day of total class suspensions,

UPDATE 1500 The school has declared a second day of class cancellations due to severe traffic disruptions and damages to school property.

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According to frontline scouts, all Hong Kong postsecondary institutions are under siege by the police. This media source follows the situation in CUHK as it develops.

Due to severe disruptions in public transportation, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) announced that all classes are cancelled today (Nov 11). As for classes being held in the Bank of America Tower in Central, students can inquire with their department/college. The school administration reminds all students, faculty, and staff to watch out for their safety, and remain in safe spaces. If there are safety concerns, they can omit from office hours. All departments and units should treat absence and lateness on a case-by-case scenario and with flexibility.
由於公共交通服務受到嚴重影響,香港中文大學 (中大) 宣布今天 (11月11日)的課堂將會取消。至於在中環美國銀行中心的課堂,同學可向其所屬學系/學院查詢相關安排之詳情。校方呼籲各部門員工小心謹慎,並留在安全的地方。如果有安全上的顧慮,可以不必前往辦公室。各學系及單位應彈性處理個別教職員因交通問題而遲到或缺席的事宜。

Other schools also cancelling classes today include: CUHK, Baptist University, Shue Yan University, University of Science and Technology, University of Hong Kong, Polytechnic University Community College, Hang Seng Management College, and Education University. Polytechnic University will also suspend classes until 14:30 today.

Here is the situation as it develops, aggregating from Sha Tin and the CUHK vicinity.
綜合各傳媒資料 ,以下為沙田及中大實況。

08:48 #沙田#沙田站
Riot police entering on guard in Sha Tin MTR Station area.
08:47 沙田大批防暴警察進入沙田站及連城廣場 。
iCable TV reports large swaths of riot police entering Sha Tin MTR and CityLink Plaza.

0812 防暴已抵二號橋,正向校園方向推進,已發射至少十枚催淚彈及胡椒球。
Riot police arrive Bridge #2, pushing towards campus. At least 10 tear gas canisters and pepper spray balls fired.
0812 大埔公路近崇基門方向有三旅遊巴停泊,其中一架寫有「大家樂員工接送」,另外兩架均載有幾位中至老年人士。
Three coach buses stopped on Tai Po Highway near Chung Chi College gate. One reads “Cafe de Coral staff pickup”, two others carrying several middle-aged to senior people.
0812 #中大 50full gear綠衣警沿橋入中大,位置近中大研究生宿舍。
#CUHK 50 full gear greenshirt police entering campus from bridge, location near CUHK Graduate Lodgings.

0818 二號橋狀況
Bridge #2 condition

0823 #香港中文大學 #大學站 防暴留在橋上,擎槍指向示威者的方向。(立場)
#CUHK #UniversityMTR Riot police remaining on bridge, guns pointed towards protesters (The Stand News)

0837 二號橋防暴上gear
Police gearing up in riot gear at Bridge No.2

0840 二號橋上防暴開咪警告研究生宿舍附近的手足離開,已發射一槍。
Bridge No.2 riot police warning colleagues to clear premises near Graduate Lodgings, one shot fired.

0900 #中大 二號橋再開一槍。
#CUHK Bridge No.2 firing another shot.

0916 有救護車於中大72號巴士站附近。 二號橋已有民兵被橡膠彈擊中受傷。
Ambulance near CUHK 72 Bus station, civilian forces (protesters) reported injured by rubber bullets.

0920 沙田。約10名防暴於源禾路體育館十字路口指揮交通,所有路障被清。 二號橋物資短缺,同學可以到學生會旁學生活動中心拿First Aid物資落夏鼎基附近。
SHATIN — 10 riot police directing traffic at Wo Yuen Road Gymnasium intersection, roadblocks cleared. Supplies short on Bridge No.2, fellow classmates please take First Aid supplies from Student Activity Centre next to CUHKSU down to around Haddon-Cave (Sports Field).

0922 沙田大涌橋路近club one向馬鞍山一衝鋒車一豬籠車一私家車。
Shatin Tai Chung Kiu Road near Club One, heading towards Ma On Shan: 1 PTU, 1 pigpen (Alpha Coaster APCs), 1 sedan.

0925 一豬籠車一衝鋒車,濱景花園往馬鞍山。馬鞍山恆康街兩鐵馬。
1 pigpen and 1 PTU, Ravana Garden towards Ma On Shan. 2 police motorcycles at Hang Hong Street @ Ma On Shan.

0927 沙田源禾路體育館十字路口指揮交通增兵至12-16名防暴,10人持槍,有12人帶防毒面具。
SHA TIN — Yuen Wo Road Gym Intersection traffic cops increased to 12-16 riot police, 10 of which carrying guns, 12 with gas masks.

0929 馬鞍山警署出兩豬籠車。
Ma On Shan Police Station sending out two Pigpen vans.

0930 大圍站C出口三衝鋒車一豬籠車兩私家車,五名以上防暴落車。
Tai Wai MTR Exit C — 3 PTU APCs, 1 pigpen van, 2 sedans; 5+ riot police disembarked.

0931 大圍C出口黑旗。
Black Flag (Tear Gas) outside Tai Wai MTR Exit C.

0932 沙田醫院往大老山(已過迴旋處)兩警車。
Sha Tin Hospital towards Tate’s Cairn (past the turnpike): 2 police cars.

0933 中大二號橋五速龍。 六名防暴戒備,其餘警員正休息。 二號橋近前線位置,急需冰和水等物資。
5 Raptors at CUHK Bridge No.2. 6 riot police on guard, others on break. No.2 bridge frontlines in dire need of ice, water and supplies.
0935 科學院道向科學院方向約5名防暴落地。生物科技路向中大方向有消防車停泊。
5 riot police disembark @ Science Park Ave. towards Sci. Park, fire truck parked on Biotechnology Ave. towards CUHK.
0939 往科學園方向2號橋有大量防暴聚集,並舉橙旗。(中大學生報)
Large group of riot police at Bridge No.2 towards Science Park, orange flag (DISPERSE OR WE FIRE) raised. (CUSP)
0948 香港中文大學現場發射多枚子彈,未知為何種類。
CUHK multiple shots fired, ammo type unknown.
0951 沙田10防暴,沙田警署往龍華酒樓行人天橋視察。
10 riot police in Sha Tin, monitoring atop footbridge Sha Tin Police Station towards Long Wah Hotel.

1008 #沙田 #沙田站 警察進入沙田站。
Police enter Sha Tin MTR Station.

1051 第一城有4防暴入村趕學生
City One — 4 riot police pursuing students.

1110 防暴警察於示威者於連接科學園及中大的斜坡上舉起橙旗,有人用床褥作掩護,其後警方向人群方向連續發射多發胡椒球彈,示威者稍為後退。
Riot police raise orange flag @ slope connecting CUHK campus and Science Park. Someone uses bed mattress as cover. Police then fired multiple pepper spray balls into crowds, whom fell back slightly.

1114 #中文大學 看見了沒有?武裝份子只當我地香港市民是敵人!槍口指著我們,眼神只是想殺了我們
#CUHK “See that? Armed assailants only treat us HK citizens as the enemy! Guns pointed at us, their eyes conveying the message they want us dead”

1114 四條柱防暴落地 據報30 已上gear
Riot police land outside the Four Posts (CUHK main entrance), reported number at 30, already geared up.

1117 大圍。八爪魚橋上尚有多名防暴駐守
Tai Wai – riot police on guard at Octopus footbridge.

1117 四條柱防暴於赤泥坪附近上豬嘴。
Riot police don gas masks near CUHK main entrance near Chek Nai Ping.

1132 現場防暴指有很多趕時間的香港人,受路障阻礙通行,並指在場同學可以一起協助警方清理路障,相信一眾香港人會十分欣賞此舉,現場記者表示態度之好令其受寵若驚。
Riot police indicate many HKers in a rush due to obstructed traffic, and told fellow students clearing roadblocks will be appreciated by citizens. Reporters on scene note police attitude to be too polite to be true.

1153 #香港中文大學 #大埔公路 #四條柱 校門外有警察以催淚彈平指向校園內。
Tensions rising at CUHK main entrance towards Tai Po Highway. Police aiming tear gas straight onto campus grounds.

1154 #香港中文大學 #四條柱 警察表示巿民已進行非法集結,如再向前五米,會發射催淚彈
Police state citizens are in unlawful assembly, will fire TG if advance another 5m.

1155 四條柱出多枚催淚彈
Multiple TG canisters fired at Main Entrance.

1157 四條柱防暴發射催淚彈後上車離開
Riot police embark and depart after firing tear gas.

Riot police first threw a TG grenade towards protesters outside CUHK main gate, followed by multiple canisters and bean bag rounds fired. Protesters block with umbrellas. Police then depart.

1205 二號橋4-5速,6-7防暴
Bridge No.2: 4-5 Raptors, 6-7 riot police

1206 科學園入口 8防暴落地 有旗手
Entrance to Science Park: 8 riot police arrive, with flagbearer.

1206 (整合)20分鐘內 科學園入口共有 4eu 一交通 2籠 1保姆車增援
(Aggregate) Within 20 minutes, police presence Science Park now at 4 EU, 1 traffic cycle, 2 pigpens, 1 van backup.

1210 沙田。沙火一帶暫時不見狗車
Shatin — No police vehicles in sight Shatin to Fo Tan vicinity.

1216 沙田。1eu1豬大涌橋路去第一城方向
Shatin – 1 EU, 1 pigpen car, Tai Chung Kiu Road heading towards City One.

1216 大圍站名城橋底,仍有警車停泊
Tai Wai MTR under the bridge, police cars still parked.

1255 大會堂沙田中心巴士站,約20名防暴叫囂挑釁及驅散市民。
Sha Tin Town Hall Bus Stop: About 20 riot police taunting and dispersing citizens.

1240 沙田中心大會堂巴士站 約30 隻防暴
Sha Tin Town Hall Bus Stop: About 30 riot police

1259 沙田。有傳新城市有火警。手足現場所見未有人,但3部消防車戒備

Protesters advance their lines with dumpsters as cover. (Source)

中大二橋攻防戰,下午一時, 警方舉橙旗,射出一枚橡膠子彈。約廿名示威者以垃圾車作掩體向前推進,並且往警方防線投擲汽油彈。警方施放催淚彈及發射橡膠子彈卜還擊。
The siege of CUHK Bridge No.2 breaks out at 1PM, when police raise orange flag and fired a single rubber bullet. About 20 protesters advance with movable dumpsters as cover, throwing molotovs toward police lines. Police return fire with rubber bullets and tear gas.

1330 大會堂巴士站 防暴離開左,小心回馬槍,附近市民仍要小心
Sha Tin Town Hall Bus Stop: Riot police left, be wary of possible return

1412 科學園內私家狗車 VD6527
Police sedan sighted, license VD 6527

1426 馬鞍山廣場:現場有便衣警員接手,警員表示要封鎖有關地點進行調查及搜證工作。
Ma On Shan Plaza: Plainclothes officers taking over, police indicate area lockdown and evidence gathering.

1426 二號橋有防暴警察開槍後,衝進中文大學範圍。
No. 2 Bridge – Riot police charge into CUHK campus grounds after opening fire.

1427 二橋警制伏及拖行手足
No. 2 Bridge – Police subdue and drag several protesters

1428 防暴快速向前推進
Riot police advancing rapidly.

1429 二橋至少四人被捕 3部水炮車正在前往中大
No. 2 Bridge – at least 4 people arrested. Three water cannon trucks heading towards CUHK.

1429 馬鞍山消息,警察聲稱要進入海栢花園查案, 如果阻撓會拘捕。在場居民在守住管理處。
Word from Ma On Shan: Police claim to enter Bayshore Towers for investigation. Obstruction will lead to arrest. Residents hold out at Management Office.

1430 警員表示要進入馬鞍山廣場進行調查,與在場市民口角。
Police indicate to enter Ma On Shan Plaza for investigation, verbal skirmish with citizens.

1431 #香港中文大學 #二號橋 警察暫時退回二號橋上。
Police temporarily retreat to Bridge No.2

1433 沙田。文化博物館防暴落左地向博物館方向
Sha Tin – Riot police touch ground near Cultural Museum, head towards Museum.

1434 #香港中文大學 #二號橋 黑旗,再次發射最少六枚催淚彈。
#CUHK #No2Bridge Black flag, 6 more rounds of teargas.

14:35 沙田。文化博物館一班黑衫人上咗警方白色私家車
Sha Tin. A group of people in black embarked on a police sedan near Museum.

1442 #香港中文大學 #二號橋 防暴突衝入校園,開多槍,發射布袋彈及催淚彈等。
No. 2 Bridge – Riot police charge into school grounds, multiple rounds teargas and bean bag rounds fired.

1442 TP9632撞開崇基門rb 
Vehicle TP 9632 ram through Chung Chi College roadblock.

1525 二橋防暴轉換陣式,長盾警員企前排,持槍警員企後排
No. 2 Bridge – Riot police change formation, shields first, with gunners behind.

1613 網傳中大助理舍監確定警方有搜查令,中大校園電台報道中大崇基書院何善衡宿舍舍監確認警方有搜查令,四時生效。
Rumour online has it that CUHK assistant Don confirms police warrant, CUHK Campus Radio reports Lady S.H. Ho Residence Don confirms police warrant, effective 1600h.

1630 港台刪除有關港大宿舍搜查令的貼文,指出搜查地點應為中大。然而,中大校方亦已回覆港台,警方並未獲得相關搜查令。
RTHK deletes post regarding HKU residence hall search warrant and corrects it to CUHK. However, CUHK authorities reply that police have not received such a warrant.

DOSA Eugenie 表示保安組回應:警方並未有港大搜查令
DOSA Eugenie relays Security Group’s response: Police do not have HKU warrant

(16:42) 網傳警方已已獲得搜查令,將於下午4時到中大何善衡學生宿舍(何宿)搜查。何宿舍監澄清,未收到搜查令通知,但亦擔心宿舍有機會被搜查,因此會在大堂留守。
News on Internet indicate police have already got search warrant, and will investigate Lady S.H. Ho Residence Hall at 4PM. Residence Don clarifies that no such warrant was received, and will stay in lobby in case of premises being searched.

Netizen Photo of police gear:

Police pushing towards Chinese University of Hong Kong. (Net photo)
Police congregating under Octopus Pedestrian Bridge, Tai Wai.
Police pushing towards Chinese University of Hong Kong. (Net photo)
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