Xi-faced Flash Mob Rocks the Rocket in Toronto

This article was translated from the TOHK Chinese article under the title 萬聖節「全民習總」地鐵快閃, originally posted on November 1, 2019.

As many teenagers went trick-or-treating last night (October 31), advocates from Torontonians Stand with Hong Kong had a flash mob calling for “Everyone is President Xi” starting at Union Station. Donning printed masks of Xi Jinping, they equate the Chinese Communist Party leader’s face to that of Frankenstein, witches and skeletons – monsters terrorizing humanity. The group got off various stations along the Yonge line, handing out leaflets with a slogan on top that read: “Boycott China Manual.”

Participants all donned the visage of President Xi and handed out “Boycott China Manuals” along the subway line.

According to The Stand News, a Mr. Yu from the group said that he hoped to spread the word to Canadians about the situation in Hong Kong from this event. Mr. Yu was born and raised Hong Kong, and felt the government has increasingly gone off-the-wire over the years. He wishes that the city would not self-destruct from the protests, lest it become a place beyond familiar recognition.

A man named Mr. E who accepted our request for an interview stated that he, unlike fellow participants around him, was not born in Hong Kong but in America; but had a father who worked in the Asian city, and sees it as his second home as he spent many a summer vacations there. While E thinks that Hong Kong is a place he wishes to take permanent residence in, his father strongly advised him to stay in Canada as Hong Kong’s future after 2047 remains uncertain. E wishes to protect Hong Kong and its culture, and believes that the place is starkly different from China. He deeply fears that China will destroy the city, just as it has obliterated many of its ethnic minorities.

E recounts from his deep familiarity of Hong Kong’s culture, “China only pays attention to trifle matters in Hong Kong culture, such as food, music, and dance; and they must be portrayed in Mandarin. Hong Kong culture is Cantonese and English, “Chinglish,” and its responsibility to the environment and neighbors etc.. The reason why Hong Kong has a unique culture is because of the British colonial government’s active protection while China underwent the Cultural Revolution. China does not appreciate this fact, and believes that Hong Kong should be as uncultured as they are.”

Boycott China Manual: The method is to boycott and reject corporations and businesses that buy and sell Chinese manufactured goods, refuse to give the vote to politicians who bow down to China’s political will, lobbying the government to stop conducting businesses with Red (Chinese state-owned) enterprises, boycott China’s airlines, and use the hashtag #standwithhongkong when sharing Hong Kong information.

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