Interview with Viet Tan representative Tran Thanh: Together we Stand, Divided we Fall 專訪越新 Tran Thanh: 聚可昌分則亡


Reporter: May I know your name, the organisation you are representing, and why you are here today?

Tranh:余乃Tran Thanh,代表越南更新革命黨(簡稱越新),越南一政治組織參與是次遊行。是次亦有多倫多來自其他越南組織之同鄉參與。吾人聚首於此,蓋因吾人深感中国威脅全球,香港、台灣、西藏、越南皆深受其害。吾人當與其他族羣團結一致抵抗中共侵略!越南早於1974年遭中共侵略,吾人奮力反擊,1979年北方諸省再遭侵略,眾多耆老、青少年、孕婦被殺,凶殘無度!為此,吾等眾受中共迫害族羣當團結一致,令中共解體。

Thanh: I am Tran Thanh, representative of the Viet Tan (Vietnam Reform Party) , which is a Vietnamese political party, and here are also people from Vietnamese communities in Toronto to attend with us. The reason we are here today because we realize that China is a big threat to the whole world. Not even Hong Kong, not even Taiwan, not even Tibet, but also Vietnam too. That’s why we participate with other groups to show our solidarity with them. Chinese has a long history of invading Vietnam, like in 1974, they invaded the Vietnam Island, and we fought against them. In 1979, we also fought them, because they tried to invade the northern provinces of Vietnam, and they killed a lot of people, even the old people, the young people, and even the pregnant women! It is very cruel! So that’s why we have to stand up together with other ethnic group, to show our support and to divide Chinese Communist Party. 


Reporter: If you have anything to say to the Canadian government, or the general Canadians, what would you like to say to them?

Tranh:身為加拿大人,吾人自有權告之本國人令本國政府毋再支持中共政權。本國政府當以人權為先,方與中共政權往來商貿。本國政府得先要求中方釋放被無理囚禁之”Two Michaels”及記者,方與中共政府正常往來。

Thanh: Of course, to the government, Canada, we are Canadians, and we have our right to let people know that the Canadian government has to stop supporting the Communist Chinese government. The Canadian government has to put human right first before they have trade with Chinese Communist Party. The first I ask the Canadian government to do is to ask the Chinese government to release the two Michaels and the reporters arrested and held by the Chinese government, in order for our government to normalise the relationship with their Chinese counterparts.

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