Masks donation: Canadian Hong Kongers stand with Canadian society

New Hong Kong Cultural Club (NHKCC) is a Canada based Canadian Hong Kongers group. They donated 3000 level 3 masks to hospitals in Montreal, and shows the solidarity of Canadian Hong Kongers with Canadian society in resisting Wuhan-Corona-virus. Canada protects Hong Kongers from Chinese regime, Canadian Hong Kongers contributed by donating masks, and wish that Canada no longer be blackmailed by Chinese regime by PPE.

Conservative leader candidate Erin O’Toole MP supports the action. He is one of the leaders in resisting against Chinese regime, who support brave activists in Hong Kong. NHKCC thanks O’Toole on behalf of Hong Kong asylum seekers since O’Toole wrote an article in National Post and spoke for asylum seekers. O’Toole and Conservatives also work in Young Talent Scheme, which give a lifeline to HK youths who do not have BNO. O’Toole keep communicate with Canadian Hong Kongers, including some “meet and greet” events assisted by NHKCC.

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