Hong Kong Watch coordinated 17 MPs to urge for Sanctions on Hong Kong and Chinese officials

BREAKING: On 7.21, a cross-party group of 17 MPs sent an open letter to the Canadian Prime Minister urging for sanctions

Hong Kong Watch has helped co-ordinate an open letter to the Canadian Prime Minister from a cross-party group of 17 Members of the Canadian Parliament urging the Government to sanction Hong Kong and Chinese officials involved in human rights abuse in the city.

The cross-party letter from Canadian MPs asks ‘that the Government urgently consider the imposition of targeted financial sanctions against Hong Kong/Chinese officials under the Justice for the Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act in light of the violation of human rights, the principles of fundamental justice, and of the rule of law in relation to the National Security Law in Hong Kong’.

Hong Kong Watch has also provided the group of Canadian MPs with an accompanying sanctions list of Hong Kong and Chinese officials where there is substantial evidence of human rights abuse. Momentum for Magnitsky sanctions against the perpetrators of human rights abuses in China and Hong Kong is building.

The cross-party letter from Canadian MPs follows a similar letter sent by a cross-party group of 13 Canadian Senators on June 24th, around 180 Canadian politicians signing an international joint-statement condemning the National Security Law, and Hong Kong Watch’s seminar in the Canadian Parliament in November 2019, which marked the first time Canadian politicians called for Magnitsky sanctions.

Hong Kong Watch is campaigning for governments like Canada, the UK and the US, who have raised concerns about the National Security Law to follow through with
sanctions. International collaboration is needed to stand up for Hong Kong.

Thanks Members of Parliament of Canada for #standwithhongkong

Jenica Atwin MP
James Bezan, MP
Kenny Chiu
Ted Falk
Garnett Genuis
Rachael Harder, MP
Tamara Jansen MP
Matt Jeneroux
Tom Kmiec
Paul Manly for Nanaimo-Ladysmith
Elizabeth May
Phil McColeman
John McKay
Erin O’Toole
Jeremy Patzer
Warren Steinley
Cathay Wagantall, M.P.

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