“Yellow business” attacked by Chinese

Pepper Wok, a Yellow restaurant (Yellow means supporting Hong Kong protesters) in West Beaver Creek of Richmond Hill, which is a district live by many Canadian Hong Kongers , was damaged by little pink (CCP supporters). In the front door of Pepper Wok, we can see it use the original name Wuhan Coronavirus to describe COVID-19, which make those little pink angry.

Chinese raise an action to review this restaurant be one star, and these Malicious review appears in restaurant review website Yelp, Zomato and blogTO too. Afterwards, Hong Kongers raise an action to review it to be five stars. In Wednesday, the window of this restaurant is discovered damaged, and it is believed that its done by little pink.

After this happened, many Hong Kongers keep visiting this restaurant, and this restaurant suspend phone order service and only accept buying on site since there are too many customers.

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